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  • Mica
    Cosmetic grade mica, suitable for soap making, cosmetics, resin art, etc.
  • Neon Pigments
    Cosmetic grade, soap stable neon pigments.
  • Synthetic Mica
    Cosmetic grade fluorphlogopite, synthetic mica. Please read information provided with each colour as not all synthetic micas are soap stable.
  • Iron Oxides
    Cosmetic grade iron oxides for soap making & cosmetic applications.
  • Water Soluble Dyes
    Food, drug & cosmetic grade, highly concentrated water soluble dyes for bath bombs & liquid soap.
  • Glitter
    PET cosmetic glitter Hex sizes: .004 (Micro) & .008 (fine) Micron: 101.6 Solvent safe: Yes
  • Glitter Spray Bottles
    Glitter duster/spray bottle, perfect for adding shimmer or sparkle to your projects. Just fill with dry glitter or mica powder & spray.
  • Synthetic Interference Mica
    Super sparkly, ultra lightweight synthetic mica. A white base that changes colour in different light. Also known as interference mica.